Saint David Monastery

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foto osiosdavid2This Monastery, standing at the foot of the mountains of “Kavalaris” and “Xiron Oros” and looking out onto the village of Drimona is a significant monument in the area of North Evia, but also for the whole of the island of Evia and Greece. This monastery is dedicated to Saint David and the Metamorphosis of our Saviour.

It is positioned so that it is protected by winds from all directions but not necessarily by the snow in the cold winter months. Nevertheless it attracts visitors and pilgrims from all over Greece and abroad throughout the year and welcomes everyone with a sweet “loukoumi” and a warm cup of mountain tea or Greek coffee.

It was first built around 1500 since Saint David lived there around 1550 and extended on the pre-existing sight of the monastery. It was dated by the Turks in 1470 in the conquest of Evia but was also burnt down during the Greek revolution and was revenge on the monks who took part. A new rebuilding took place in 1877.




Area: Rovies
Phone: +30 2227 0 71297 & +30 2227 0 71143.
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The fragrant relics of the miracle worker St. David the elder are saved and displayed in the monastery as are some of his belongings. Presently, the monastery has gained popularity after the residence of a charismatic monk with divine abilities. Jacob the Elder is claimed to have performed a great number of interventions to aid human pain. Pilgrims arrive by the hundreds even today to worship Him and praise his assistance in small or larger problems.
Every weekend, this Monastery in North Evia offers the visitors the chance to witness hundreds ofworshipers from all around Greece flocking to pay a visit to this exquisite example of the religious riches provided by the Island of Evia.


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