Route Istiaia - Gouves

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xartis 6The third excursion on the mountainous part of North Evia excites the visitor for the extent of the route.Begin from Istiaia and follow the road towards Pefki. As soon as you cross the Xirias river bridge, there is a road sign to your left towards the village of Avgaria at first and then follow the road toward Galatsona, then Gerakion and finally the village of Agdines.

The specialty of the village is rooster in tomato sauce, just call ahead to the village tavern and pre-order. After Agdines, for reason of diversity we suggest you don’t take the same route, but follow the national road Istiaia-Chalkida. From there drive towards Istiaia after you drive through Gouves, Pefki, Asminio, etc.

(Istiaia – Avgaria – Galatsona – Gerakion – Agdines – Gouves – Istiaia)


xartis 6

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