Route Istiaia - Agios Georgios

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xartis 5This excursion is as interesting as the previous one; comfortable and quite interesting for those who want to see the mountainous region of Istiaia area. By going along the central road from Istiaia towards Boutas, you turn left at the crossroads to the villages of  Kamaria, Kamatriades and Galatsades. After going past the low lying village of Kamaria, you start the ascent towards the two neighbouring villages of Kamatriades and Galatsades.

At this point, the focal point of our excursion is either a short or longer hike up the mountain path.
The maple tree ravines, the cool streams with the crystal waters, forests with the widest range of trees, the newly built shelter with the horses at Kamatriades are just a few of sights on offer. After visiting the picturesque villafe of Kastaniotissa, head down to the village of Agios Georgios and then back to Istiaia.

(Istiaia - Kamaria - Kamatriades - Galatsades - Kastaniotisa - Agios Georgios - Istiaia)


xartis 5

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